Stephanie Brown is BACK!

And Fan Favorite Writer Bryan Q. Miller is writing her again!

A little over a year ago, Fans Said goodbye to Bryan Q. Miller’s Take on Batgirl aka Stephanie Brown, best friend to previous Batgirl Cassandra Cain.

it was a hard good bye. Miller didn’t want it to end. Fans sure as hell didn’t want it to end.

She was a character that was a modern day case of Women in Refridgerators. Beaten and tortured by Black Mask, all to get at Batman. She fought like hell but in the end her death was meant to provoke Batman to action. For the longest time she had been known as The Failure, or the screw up.

Bryan Q. Miller addressed those issues in the very first arc of his series “Batgirl Rising”

In the final issue of the first arc Miller brough Stephanie Brown face to face with her personal demons literally, and she beat them.




Confronted with her “failures” and her doubts, Stephanie Brown stood up and did something that not many in the Batfamily has ever been able to do. She didn’t run from them. She acknowledged them, and then pushed passed them. Instead of forgetting who she was and getting lost in the darkness that many in the batfamily arm themselves in, she chose to step into the light. In doing so she became a beacon of hope and inspiration to many people.


It was this idea of hope, inspiration and “devil may care, pollyanna in the sky….” umm yeah, you get the idea… that endeared her to many fans. Also waffles.

When the series ended, many people were disappointed.

Though his series ended, BQM ended it the way he started it: with hope.


Fans have been holding onto hope ever since the New 52 Reboot was announced and it seemed that even their Blue Lantern Rings seemed to Flicker as time passed.

All will be well

That is Until news Broke on TV Guide and on IGN

But most importantly on Tumblr :D

That’s right Tumblr’s Stephanie “I slapped Batman in the Face” Brown IS BACK!


Stephanie is BACK

okay, so she is not back in the main DCnU but she is Back in Bryan Q. Miller’s Critically acclaimed Smallville series.  (a digital series you should ALL be buying)

That cover that appeared a week ago… yep that was her on the cover. not as Robin, not as Batgirl, but as Nightwing!


Look Familiar?

Dreams Come true

She’s Rocking the Eggplant!

here is a bit from the TV Guide Interview 
 As to why he picked Stephanie for the sidekick slot, Miller says, “Bruce can be somewhat of an angry man. Stephanie’s personality is so can-do and unsinkable and bright, so it’s very much on purpose on Bruce’s part that he has a good cop going out on patrol with him every night.” (Miller says it will eventually be addressed as to why Stephanie is Nightwing in this comic and not Batgirl.) 

Welcome Back Stephanie Brown!

Now all we need is Cassandra Cain, Renee Montoya, and Kate “Manhunter” Spencer back…

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